Welcome Candidates for the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Graduation at our Faculty provides a solid foundation for their careers. Our graduates find employment quickly. What is important, take up employment in accordance with the received education. The Faculty cooperates with many enterprises from Krakow and Malopolska. During his studies, our students have in their practice and internships. As a result, often already during their studies, our students receive attractive offers of employment.

In the period June - July 2015 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering recruits on college and second degree on the following directions:

At the undergraduate level:
     Power - the direction of the interagency the broad area of ​​education

Study may be in the form of a daily (full-time) or weekend (part-time, classes take place here only on Saturdays and Sundays).

Information about these courses, graduate silhouette, the amount of seats, etc. You can find:
  for Electrotechnical stationary mode [here],
  for Electrotechnical extramural [here],
  for power in stationary mode [here]
  for Energy extramural [here]
  for Informatics in stationary mode [here]
  for Informatics in extramural [here]

On the second cycle:
     Electrical (only for non-stationary mode).

for admission to the faculty Electrical can apply those persons who have professional engineer or a master's degree in engineering. The basis for acceptance of a candidate for the faculty Electrical is:
  1) submission of documents,
  2) addressing the ranking list, created on the basis of the results of the entrance examination to study secondary education, higher position than or equal to the number of seats, or 72
The exam takes the form of a written multiple choice test consisting of 50 questions.
A set of examination subjects is created based on the content of education of selected modules degree studies conducted at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering majoring in electrical engineering. A set of examination questions, based on which creates a set of test questions, is available [here]

A graduate degree studies the Electrical , held at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Krakow, may resign from the adoption on the basis of the entrance examination and can apply for admission on the basis of the average of the first cycle. < br />
Information on this direction, graduate silhouette, the amount of seats, etc., You can find [here]

The current schedule for full-time recruitment is [here], and for part-time studies is [here]

In the course of a single electronic registration, you can choose between two directions. Detailed information on the registration process can be found [here]